Research Axes

Axis 1: Intelligent Signal Processing

Signal Processing is still at the heart of many information and communications technologies; beyond the early breakthroughs that have enabled major ICT developments, intelligent signal processing activities must now tackle new challenges...

Axis 2: Networking

Beyond the traditional wired network research, the development of wireless networks has created novel challenges, due to the volatile nature of their connections. The ad-hoc formation of wireless networks requires the development of new routing...

Axis 3: Wired and Wireless Transmission Technologies

Transmission technologies have steadily improved user connectivity and available bandwidths over the last decades; yet important breakthroughs are still needed to support tomorrow's traffic and applications.

Axis 4: Optical Networks

Optical Networks form the backbone of the Internet; capacity improvements to reach 100Gb/s rates demand dramatic progress at the architectural and components level. All optical signal processing, filterless architectures, optical regeneration, ...

Axis 5: Communications Software Engineering

Key to the widespread use of ICT are the software layers enabling interoperability, application deployment and reconfiguration, which in the end exploit the connectivity made available by the technological advances in ICT.

Axis 6: Applications Research Projects

1: ICT for Healthcare

2: Green ICT

3: Communications in Challenged Environments