Axis 4: Optical Networks

Optical Networks form the backbone of the Internet; capacity improvements to reach 100Gb/s rates demand dramatic progress at the architectural and components level.

All optical signal processing, filterless architectures, optical regeneration, network architecture are a few of the areas in which SYTACom researchers are active, and for which they have garnered widespread recognition.

Research will be conducted both at the component, processing and architectural levels, addressing issues such as nonlinear optical processing, Fiber Transmission Systems, Passive Optical Networks monitoring, all-optical clock recovery using self-pulsating lasers and semiconductor fiber lasers, regeneration using cross-and self-phase modulation in a highly nonlinear fiber, or optical buffering using slow-light concepts in fiber and integrated waveguide gratings.

Theme 4.1 - Radio over Fiber and WiFi Networks

Theme 4.2 - All optical signal processing

Theme 4.3 - Optical Network Architectures

Theme 4.4 - Fiber Transmission Systems