Axis 3: Wired and Wireless Transmission Technologies

Transmission technologies have steadily improved user connectivity and available bandwidths over the last decades; yet important breakthroughs are still needed to support tomorrow's traffic and applications.

New resource allocation techniques, spectrum access management, relaying methods and architectures are needed in order to get the most out of scarcer and scarcer spectra.

Technological advances that are adapted to the real world must be developed to harvest the fruits of the promising techniques of tomorrow: cognitive radio, relay technologies, distributed MIMO.

After several important successes in this area, SYTACom researchers will continue to consider practical, implementable technology solutions, including communications with partial state information, dynamic spectrum management or opportunistic relaying.

Theme 3.1 - Relaying, cooperation and cognition

Theme 3.2 - Coding and performance limits

Theme 3.3 - Resource Allocation and multi-dimensional coding

Theme 3.4 - Implementation of communications systems

Theme 3.5 - MIMO and Array Processing