Yousra Ben M'sallem

Yousra Ben M'sallem


Lannion, France

PhD student Yousra Ben M’sallem worked in the FOTON laboratory at ENSSAT-Lannion in France. Under the close supervision of FOTON director Prof. Jean Claude Simon, Ms. Ben M’sallem investigated complex modulation formats in high-speed data transmission for applications to packet switching in the context of data centers. To date, very little research has been done on optical packet-switched networks that target short range (<20 km) and very high (100 Gbit/s and beyond) data transmission: most current efforts focus on high speed backplane optical interconnections or long haul transmissions.

The crux of this internship was 1) to examine increasing spectral efficiency (to make way for wider payload bandwidth) by moving multi-wavelength labels far out-of-band in order to specify network requirements for migrating to 40 Gb/s and after to 100 Gb/s; 2) to identify the main challenges in the proposed architecture and study the critical components in more detail; 3) to address contention resolution and; 4) to perform experimental demonstrations of key technologies in an experimental testbed.

With its PERSYST platform, the FOTON laboratory is one of the leading European laboratories in very high-speed optical communications. The major research conducted in this lab federates four French academic partners and three French industrial partners in the field of all-optical techniques to increase the performance of optical transmissions at 160 Gbit/s, and proposes innovative solutions based on specialty optical fibres and semiconductors for all-optical signal processing in optical communications systems at 160 Gbit/s.

This partnership with FOTON resulted in a joint paper.