Mohammed Kiaei

Arizona State University

Arizona, United States

Mohammad Kiaei completed a fruitful 4-month internship at Arizona State University in the lab of Prof. Martin Reisslein, an expert in design and development of bandwidth management methodologies in optical access networks. During his internship, Mr. Kiaei collaborated with leading scholars in the field of telecommunication networks and worked on the delay analysis of emerging long-reach passive optical networks (LR-PONs) under various dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) schemes. LR-PONs are poised to be the next step in the evolution of access-metro optical networks. The group designed an analytical framework for quantifying the transmission delay in each DBA method and exploring the roles played by various system parameters in an LR-PON. By means of analysis and extensive simulations, they examined the shortcomings and advantages of recently introduced scheduling methods in an LR-PON setting, namely multi-thread polling (MTP) and real-time polling (RTP).

The team provided an analytical framework for obtaining the end-to-end communication delay in an enhanced version of the RTP method and employed queuing theory for modeling and analyzing the communication delay. Additionally, they used an event-based simulation package, ONeT++, to evaluate the accuracy of the models and observe the behaviour of proposed methods. This work is among the first investigations into the effect of different polling and system parameters on communication delay in LR-PONs.

This highly productive internship program yielded one journal and one conference presentation in a high-impact venue.