Christopher Leung

Christopher Leung

Université Paul Verlaine

Metz (UPVM), France

PhD student Chris Leung spent two months at the Laboratoire d’Informatique Théorique et Appliquée of Université Paul Verlaine (UPV-M), in the heart of Europe and at the confluent of German and French cultures, in Metz, France.

Mr. Leung worked with Prof. Hoai-An Le-Thi, an expert on non-convex optimization and its applications to various fields of information systems and management science including communication networks. Mr. Leung’s work on the optimization of resource allocation strategies for digital communications benefitted greatly from the expertise available at Université Paul Verlaine. The application of techniques in difference of convex optimization to resource allocations is a new avenue of research for communications engineers, and their application to resource allocation requires that the two communities of digital communications research and optimization theory join forces.

Mr. Leung was able to use the rich expertise, software tools and libraries available at UPV-M to enhance his understanding of intricate optimization techniques and to assess their relevance and applicability to resource allocation problems commonly found in digital communications.

A joint manuscript was written to summarize these contributions.