Student Experience

SYTACom offers students the opportunity to train in a unique environment. We offer a dynamic range of research topics, access to world-class personnel and a vast network of industry connections. Students are enabled to develop highly advanced skills that will serve them throughout their careers. The following are highlights our program offers:

  • High-Quality Supervision
  • World Class Human and Physical Infrastructure
  • Mobility
  • Insight/Context/Networks

High-Quality Supervision

HQP represent SYTACom’s most significant asset. SYTACom professors provide hands-on, high-quality supervision. With 63 active members we have gained a reputation of training top-tier talent in the ICT industry.

World Class Human and Physical Infrastructure

Students have full access to physical infrastructure and to the RPs dedicated to supporting student research.


Students are mobile; they spend time in different university labs, on international internships, and on industrial internships. With assistance from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) International Internships program, students have been able to build new links with international research labs, to expand existing research collaborations, and perhaps most importantly, benefit from the experience they gain working in some of the most innovative laboratories in the international communications community.


Via exposure to industry and through formal and informal mechanisms, students contextualize and focus their research, validate the significance and relevance of their thesis work, and build professional networks.