Internships Programs

SYTACom currently coordinates two internship programs:

  • FRQNT International Internships
  • Undergraduate Summer Internships IIT-Bombay

FRQNT International Internships

FRQNT is offering a program aimed at fostering international collaborations with high-priority countries and regions. This program funds travel and living expenses (to a maximum of $2500CDN/month) for graduate students on internships for a duration between 2 and 6 months.

Eligibility is limited to graduate stduents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
Please note: if you have applied for permanent residency or citizenship, you are eligible to apply as long as your status is confirmed by the time the internship begins.

Applications are only possible through a Regroupement stratégique (i.e. SYTACom). Please contact Maru Basanez for more information.

Since the program's inception, 19 SYTACom students have received FRQNT International Internships. Learn more about a few of our student’s experience below:

Name International Institution
Reza Abdolee (McGill) Flag of United States of AmericaUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Mohsen Akbari (McGill) Flag of United States of AmericaCarnegie Mellon
Ali Daher (McGill) Flag of Hong KongHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Navid Ghazi Saidi (INRS-EMT) Flag of United States of AmericaArizona State University
Jordan Frank (McGill) Flag of IsraelTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Wael Jaafar (Ecole Polytechnique) Flag of JapanKeio University
Hooman Jarollahi (McGill) Flag of JapanTohoku University
Mohammed Kiaei (INRS-EMT) Flag of United States of AmericaArizona State University
François Leduc-Primeau (McGill) Flag of FranceTelecom Bretagne
Yousra Ben M'Sallem (Université Laval) Flag of FranceEnssat Lannion
Ramdas Satyan (McGill) Flag of United States of AmericaUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Saeed Sharifi Tehrani (McGill) Flag of United States of AmericaUniversity of California, San Diego
Christopher Leung (McGill) Flag of FranceUniversité Paul Verlaine - Metz
Xu Yin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Flag of CanadaINRS-Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications and McGill University
Yongyuan (Alex) Zang(McGill) Flag of ChinaTsinghua University

Undergraduate Summer Internships IIT-Bombay

SYTACom is acting as central coordinator for an undergraduate internships program for students from IIT-Bombay who are interested in summer internships in communications in a SYTACom partner institution within the province of Quebec.

IIT-Bombay students interested in working in the areas of signal processing, wireless and optical communications, networking and communications software should contact their local internships coordinator to submit an application.