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Network Mapping and Measurement Conference (NMMC2010)

The Network Mapping and Measurement Conference (NMMC2010) was held August 9-10, 2010, at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, hosted by the Centre for Advanced Systems and Technologies in Communications (SYTACom).

Program and abstracts (202 kb)

Speakers line-up

Speaker Presentation Slides
Al Hero
University of Michigan
Large Scale Correlation Screening 2.2 MB
John Treichler
Applied Signal Technology
Inference of Routing Strategy from Link Measurements 1.4 MB
Charles Colburn
Arizona State University
A Handful of Sparse Testing Problems  
Rob Nowak
University of Wisconsin
Distilled Sensing: Adaptive Sequential Experimental Designs for Large-Scale Multiple Hypothesis Testing  
Carl Powell
BBN Technologies
BBN Net Test 170 kb
Clay Scott
University of Michigan
Active Probing for Multiple Fault Detection 659 kb
Brian Eriksson
University of Wisconsin
PinPoint: A Ground Truth-based Approach for IP Geolocation 1.3 Mb
Kevin Xu
University of Michigan
Tracking Communities in Dynamic Networks by Evolutionary Clustering  
Mark Coates
McGill University
Tracking Probabilistic Available Bandwidth with Active Learning and Chirp Probes  
Biswajit Nandy
Solana Networks
Issues and Solutions for Enterprise Network Mapping 2.7 Mb
Laura Balzano
University of Wisconsin
Online Identification and Tracking of Subspaces from Highly Incomplete Information  
Mike Rabbat
McGill University
Wavelet-based Traffic Matrix Modeling 1.2 Mb

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NMMC has previously been held at the Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences in College Park, Maryland (Conference website: 2008 and 2009), and it grew out of NetTomo workshops which were held in Adelaide, Australia (2007) and Sunnyvale, California (2004-2006).

Network mapping and measurement plays a crucial role in management, operation, and monitoring of resources and infrastructure.  Network structure and performance information is not always directly accessible or measurable.  Network mapping and measurement algorithms and systems enable efficient and intelligent inference and monitoring of large-scale complex systems.  The focus of this workshop is on mapping and measurement issues in networked systems (including probing and inference algorithms

Authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts that demonstrate current research or developments in theoretical and practical aspects of network mapping and measurement.  Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Network tomography
  • Inference of link-level performance from end-to-end measurements
  • Traffic matrix modeling and estimation
  • Active and passive probing measurement and inference
  • Social network analysis
  • Inference of routing policies from path-level measurements
  • Network anomaly detection
  • Network and measurement visualization
  • Bandwidth and capacity estimation
  • Sparsity in network inference
  • Network inference and monitoring in other domains (biology, chemistry, physics, power/water networks and other critical infrastructure)
  • Network science

Contact Information

For more information please contact Michael Rabbat (, 514-398-1847) or Maru Basanez (, 514-398-8104).

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