University/Industry Partnerships

Supply of talent is low while demand is soaring in the ICT sector. Areas benefitting from ICT talent include wireless technology, communications and software, video transcoding, healthcare and electrical utilities. This ascent will continue for years to come. SYTACom’s partnership with different industries is of mutual benefit and spurs the Canadian economy.

Our interactions have helped strengthen competitive edge across a broad range of Canadian organizations. These include but are not limited to; Hydro Quebec, Huawei, Ericsson Canada, Vantrix, Ciena and the McGill University Health Centre. We enable students to achieve their educational goals, supply the industry with premier talent and generate information on emerging technology. This includes embedding students in companies through internships and hiring of our trainees. This type of collaborative relationship has helped to develop breakthroughs in technology, patents, publications and a constellation of opportunities for researchers and industry to work together in developing their networks, knowledge and skills. Please see our industry directory for a sample of our collaborators.