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Charles Despins

Charles Despins’ career has spanned 25 years in both the academic and industry segments of the information and communications technologies (ICT).

In addition to his work as a faculty member of INRS-Telecommunications (Université du Québec) in Montreal, Canada, he has held various posts in the private sector, namely at CAE Electronics, Microcell Telecommunications (Canadian cellular operator) and at Bell Nordiq Group (a network operator in rural and northern areas of Canada) as vicepresident and chief technology officer.

He has also worked as a consultant for wireless network deployments in India and China.

Since January 2003, he has been president and CEO of Prompt inc., an ICT university-industry research and development consortium. In addition, he is a faculty member (on leave) at École de Technologie Supérieure (Université du Québec) in Montreal, with research interests in wireless communications. He is also a guest lecturer in the executive MBA program at McGill University in Montreal.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada as well as M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees, also in electrical engineering, from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Despins was co-Chair of the 2006-Fall IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference. He is a past recipient (1993) of the Best Paper of the Year award in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology as well as a Fellow (2005) of the Engineering Institute of Canada and a recipient (2006) of the Outstanding Engineer award from IEEE Canada.

Institution: École de Technologie Supérieure
SYTACom membership: Regular