SYTACom drives collaborative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems research in Quebec as measured by research output, funding, visibility, and level of activity.


SYTACom’s objectives include mobilizing and supporting Quebec’s ICT expertise. By doing so, SYTACom meets another objective, namely, producing internationally acclaimed research that addresses significant ICT research challenges.

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SYTACom is structured as a multi-university Regroupement stratégique with 6 institutional nodes (Concordia, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, INRS-EMT, Laval, McGill, and Sherbrooke), and 4 partners (Ecole Polytechnique, UQAM, UQO, UQTR).

The Centre is managed by a governance structure that includes the Centre Director, the Board of Directors, the Executive of the Board of Directors, the Scientific Advisory Committee, the Operations Committee and the Multidisciplinary Technical Advisory Committee.


SYTACom consists of 50+ researchers at 10 Quebec universities