Mission and Objectives


SYTACom drives collaborative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems research in Quebec as measured by research output, funding, visibility, and level of activity.

SYTACom creates a rich and dynamic research environment that promotes collaborative approaches to producing large-scale ICT systems solutions.

SYTACom is Quebec’s only Regroupement Stratégique (RS) capable of addressing the research challenges connected to realizing future ICT innovations because SYTACom regroups 50 ICT professors whose expertise spans all layers of systems and communications.

SYTACom is unique because of the ICT systems- and applications- centric expertise the Centre regroups; there is no other such regrouping in Quebec, and only a handful in Canada and worldwide.

By mobilizing this expertise into one RS, SYTACom advances Quebec’s ICT leadership position on the international academic/intellectual stage.

SYTACom supports research excellence through incentive programs, scientific activities, sharing of world-class infrastructure, and coordination of national research initiatives.


SYTACom’s objectives include mobilizing and supporting Quebec’s ICT expertise. By doing so, SYTACom meets another objective, namely, producing internationally acclaimed research that addresses significant ICT research challenges.

Another objective is to secure operating and infrastructure funding to achieve solutions to these challenges. Results are transferred to end-users, in particular, industry.

Training future generations of ICT scientific and engineering experts is also a priority.

In addition, SYTACom will continue to brand itself and Quebec as a hub of world-class ICT systems and applications research.